Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday run

Today I worked on endurance. I did a mile and a half, with a half-mile total of warm-up/cool-down, and alternated running .8 laps at 4.2 m.p.h. and walking .2 laps at 3 m.p.h. for the remaining mile. I feel really close to my goal of running a mile (at an easy pace) without stopping! I think it's more a mental hurdle than a physical one, so I'm going to set a goal of busting through it by this time next week. You all are instructed to hold me accountable!

Some days I finish a run and feel so glad that it's over. I don't even want to think about running after I'm done, and the next day it's usually a struggle to get back on the treadmill. Other days I finish a run feeling fantastic and can think about nothing else for the remainder of the day except when can I run again?!

Today was definitely a running-obsessed day. I got off the treadmill this morning feeling tired but accomplished and have been full of energy all day long, able to think about nothing but getting back on the treadmill and seeing what else I've got in me. I know better than to overdo it like that, though, so I made do with watching Spirit of the Marathon on Hulu (it made me cry!) and poring over the August issue of Runner's World magazine.

One other running-related thing I did today was make a decision about the two 5K races coming up in my area in September. I've decided for sure to register for and run the "real" 5K that takes place the weekend after my birthday. I checked the website for the race today and it got me all excited with its mention of race packets and t-shirts and whatnot. I still haven't decided what to do about the other 5K, the one for which I was originally training, that takes place the weekend before my birthday. Since that one is a free Fun Run and all you have to do is show up, I'll probably make that decision as it gets closer.

Now that I know for sure I'm running a real race, I am super excited about my training. My only goal, honestly, will be to not come in last. I don't think that will be a problem because I've been told it's a family-friendly race with lots of walkers, but I'll let you know if any toddlers end up lapping me!

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